stevedaaddys gourmet chocolate chip cookies

16230 Cattle Baron Dr,
Libndale, Texas

Description: Steve Daddy Says I’m a huge cookie fan, and would eat all of my meals in cookie form, if only there were enough great cookies! Gourmet chocolate chip cookies bring back memories of a simpler time – happy, unhurried afternoons full of chatter, laughter and dough everywhere. Steve Daddy’s Gourmet Chocolate Chip Cookies are there to fill that gap. They are the ultimate comfort food. Years of experimentation have resulted in, what I believe is, the perfect gourmet chocolate chip cookie: crispy on the outside and irresistibly moist and chewy on the inside. Steve Daddy’s Gourmet Chocolate Chip Cookies are made from our own secret recipes using premium ingredients, including European-style sweet, unsalted butter, whole pasteurized eggs, the finest pure vanilla, and large, rich, gourmet dark bittersweet or milk chocolate chips depending on the customer’s preference. Only the best, natural ingredients are used. The deliciously chunky dough is then hand-scooped and baked in small batches to ensure excellence. The Cookies are shipped the same day via Priority Mail to guarantee the utmost freshness. Steve Daddy’s Gourmet Chocolate Chip Company is dedicated to one thing, and one thing only – baking the most delicious gourmet chocolate chip cookies outside your mother’s kitchen - entirely for your enjoyment. Steve Daddys Gourmet Chocolate Chip Cookie Company continues to take pride in serving our superior, gourmet fresh-baked cookies to our loyal cookie consumers. We use only the finest, premium ingredients available to make cookies that taste like they just popped out of the oven in your mother’s kitchen and back it up with world-class customer service. We use no preservatives or chemical additives of any kind. With the dedication as an artisan baker, we seek perfection in each and every batch of Steve Daddy’s gourmet chocolate chip cookies we make. To help achieve our goal we have committed ourselves to making a handcrafted product. Each and every gourmet chocolate chip cookie we make is made to order one batch at a time. NO mass production methods or shortcuts are ever used in our kitchen. ALL orders are baked upon receipt of an order. From the beginning, Steve Daddys Gourmet Chocolate Chip Cookie Company has been committed to baking the world’s highest quality and best-tasting gourmet chocolate chip cookies available anywhere in the world. That’s all we bake – chocolate chip cookies. We bake them for you, our customers, the most important people in the world. We believe that our Steve Daddys gourmet chocolate chip cookies that we bake have that memorable, delicious homemade taste we all remember from our childhoods. To insure the freshness and delectable taste of our products, our Steve Daddys gourmet chocolate chip cookies are shipped to you the very same day as baked. You can be sure your order hasn’t been waiting around for days on a storage shelf. Because of our unique, individual approach to serving our customers by baking only to order, our daily baking capacity is limited. To insure our quality, we have made the decision to limit what we bake to only what we can do right. You have our word on that! My thanks go to my delightful daughter-in-law, whose affectionate name for me, provided the inspiration for the name of my company: Stevedaddy’s Gourmet Chocolate Chip Cookies are so good that we aren’t afraid to put our name on them.

Hours: M-F, 9-5